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September 2016



Flint A/A Prepares for Annual Truck Sale
Dealers flock to the auction every Wednesday, motivated by an excellent selection of vehicles, Flint's trademark customer service, and, on September 28th, a chance to bid on a tremendous selection of trucks at the Annual Fall Truck Sale.

San Antonio A/A Supports Local Schools.
In preparation for the new school year, the auction's month-long Stuff the Bus promotion encouraged auction customers to donate school supplies for students in the community. 
Greater Rockford A/A Plans Totally Awesome Sale.
Customers will take a trip down memory lane on Wednesday, September 21, the date set for GRAA's Totally Awesome 80's Sale. 
Greenville A/A Celebrates 6th Anniversary. Buyers, sellers and auction staff will gather on Thursday, September 22nd to celebrate the auction's 6th Anniversary with one of the biggest sales of the year and a fundraiser to benefit charity. 


DAA Northwest Montana Days September 21-22
Greater Rockford A/A Totally Awesome 80's Sale September 21
Greenville A/A 6th Anniversary Sale September 22
Flint A/A Annual Fall Truck Sale September 28
Carolina A/A Casino Royale Sale October 12
AANE Fall Toy Sale October 13
DAA/OKC 28th Anniversary Sale October 13

ServNet Auctions
: Committed to Compliance

ServNet's President, Kevin Brown and CEO Pierre Pons discuss how ServNet Auctions are meeting the challenges of Compliance. Noting that auto finance companies are facing a big hurdle to stay current in all aspects of Compliance, Brown observes that the bank and finance companies are relying even more heavily on their auction partners, as they require that every step of the remarketing process be well documented and hold up to the scrutiny of an audit.

Pons points out that ServNet has 20 Compliance Officers, each the individual Owner of one of ServNet's member auctions. "In the end, it is the responsibility and the accountability of each auction Owner that differentiates our Independently Owned auto auctions from the corporate auctions," Pons says.  "It is the Owner on the ground at each location who makes sure that it's done right - every time."

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