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With the Auction Pipeline, you can view, sort, and print COMPLETE Sale Information from Inventory to Market Reports.  Sale and inventory information is updated every few minutes so you have the absolute latest in sale data.  PLUS, with the combined information from ServNet Auctions across the country, you are bound to find the vehicles you need or the sale information you desire!

AuctionPipeline Features Include.....

See all upcoming events at a glance.  Click on a sale date to view consignment details at that sale.

Vehicle Search
Conduct wide or narrow searches for vehicles based on vehicle characteristics and location.  Save your searches and have AuctionPipeline e-mail you when vehicles you are interested in are available at the auctions you select.

Simulcast Sales
Participate in bidding on any vehicle presented at AuctionPipeline auctions in real-time while viewing live video from the lanes.  If you are set up with one member auction, you can attend similar sales at other sales.

Buy Now
Purchase vehicles from a selected inventory available for immediate sale.  Make offers on select units.

Pre-Sale Reports
Select vehicles you wish to look at.  Create a report in the layout you like.  Click a button and an Acrobat Report is generated for printing.  Set up AuctionPipeline to send you a pre-sale list of your liking at a set day and time via e-mail.

Market Report

Review historical sales data based on vehicle characteristics and date of sale.  Set reports up how you prefer to view them.

Review the status of all your bids… current, won, and lost

View and update you contact information and account preferences

AuctionPipeline is a cooperative venture between ServNet member auctions and is a FREE service available to all licensed dealers and wholesalers.

To get started on Auction Pipeline, simply sign up and log in above.  Registration is quick and easy.